GCSE Maths Question Sparks Mass Outrage After Being Called Ridiculously Hard

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One GCSE maths question has left kids everywhere stumped and social media in total meltdown after being so hard it took four accountants with maths degrees two hours to solve after seeing the question.

The question, about Hannah and her sweets, is not only phrased in a fairly complicated way, because you know, exam boards just love to do that to kids regardless, it is mindboggling, and Edexcel are now being pressured to lower the grade boundaries because of the confusion.

A petition on Change.org already has 5,000 signitures and that is only expected to rise as the social media backlash has been picked up by mainstream press and anyone who reads the question certainly has a challenge on their hands if they want to come up with the answer.

hannah2Halal sweets

Here was the question:

There are n sweets in a bag. Six of the sweets are orange. The rest of the sweets are yellow.

Hannah takes a sweet from the bag. She eats the sweet. Hannah then takes at random another sweet from the bag. She eats the sweet.

The probability that Hannah eats two orange sweets is 1/3. Show that n²-n-90=0

The answer, in case you did work it out, is 10.


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