This Girl Applied For An Estate Agent Job… With A Chilli Con Carne Recipe

By : Alex Bentley |


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We’ve all done it. Sent an email with a spelling mistake or an apostrophe where there shouldn’t be one because we somehow missed it when checking over it. But how many of us attached a chilli con carne recipe instead of our CV?

18 year old Heather McNab did just that, when applying for a job at an estate agents.

She was hoping to land the role as a letting and sales negotiator, and sent Bastion Estate Agents an email with her CV attached. Only she clicked the wrong file to attach, and instead sent a Jamie Oliver chilli beef recipe.

Taking to twitter, she posted the blunt email reply that she received.


Understandably, Heather was shocked to see just how many retweets her mistake got… currently over 12,000. She said:

I’m still really, really embarrassed. I sent the application on Thursday and got the reply on Friday saying that the recipe was good but that a CV would be nice.

I just buckled over laughing in the street and had to tell my friends about it. I knew people would find it hilarious.

Chilli was right next to CV on the computer. It’s pretty funny and the response on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive. I know it’s silly.

Somebody even showed Jamie Oliver himself, and he commended her.

jamie oliver

Since the mishap, Heather has said she doesn’t know whether she will send her actual CV, because she is a bit too embarrassed now.

I’m not the only one that’s getting a bit hungry and wanting the recipe right now am I? Heather, could you email me your CV please, I love a bit of chilli.