Girl Gets ‘Drunk’ In Public For ‘Social Experiment’

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Girl Gets Drunk In Public For Social Experiment 247

Hold on to your hats everybody, because this video is about to cause an absolute shit storm. We’re predicting another ’10 Hours Walking through NYC’ vibe with this one.

In what seems to be his first viral Youtube video, entrepreneur Stephen Zhang has put together a video that is already sparking some big reactions across social media.

Meet ‘Drunk Girl In Public’, we don’t know her name, but she’s very hot and very ‘drunk’. So I suppose that’s all the ingredients you need for a viral video these days. Oh yeah, and as always, Hollywood Boulevard.

Girl Gets Drunk In Public For Social Experiment 32

Watch as the girl in the video staggers down the street pretending to be overly intoxicated while receiving looks from pretty much everyone in the immediate area.

However the main focus of the video seemed to be how many men they could actually get to “prey on her”, as one Youtuber put it. It’s quite effective too, and the four men that actually made the cut did all they could to get her back to their place.

And for those reasons, it’s causing massive controversy. On Facebook, Vinos Daniel said: “This should be called how many rapists are on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Dakota Parks spoke the most truth though: “Okay, well anyone who had played tony hawks american wasteland would know where the bus is at.” Lol, sorry. Classic.

We’ll leave it at that. Make of the video what you will. I’m sure you’re going to see it around the net over the next week or two.

Oh, and we have to drop an honourable mention for Mr. Muscle the Goldfish.. He made our day!

Girl Gets Drunk In Public For Social Experiment mrmuscle

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