Girl Puts Card From Best Friend On eBay, It Gets Some Huge Bids For The Best Possible Reason

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One young kid has taken eBay by storm after trying to sell a card given to her by her friend – and has become a pretty good entrepreneur while she’s at it.

Seven year old Holly Boddington-Bullett and her best friend Evie, from Deanshanger in Northamptonshire, have been close their whole lives and after Evie’s family decided to move away, she made Holly a card to say how sorry she was that she had to leave.

Holly then decided to put the card on eBay, not because she was angry at Evie, but because she wanted to save up and buy Evie a friendship bracelet – and get rid of the card because it made her too sad to look at it.

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Holly wrote on the eBay page:

Today is a sad day because [Evie] moves house. She made me a ‘sorry I am moving’ card in golden time at school but it makes me sad to see it. I don’t want to throw it away because that wouldn’t be nice to her feelings.

I asked mummy if somebody might like to buy it because the picture on it is pretty. I want to buy my friend a present with any pennies I get.

Please buy my card – I would like to buy her a friendship bracelet so she knows we will always be best friends. She is so sad about moving too.

The bidding for the card has now reached £1002,00 and you can bid here if you want.