Girl Who Was Rejected From X Factor And Dubbed A Chav Is Now Millionaire

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When Chloe Khan appeared on the X Factor in 2010 and was laughed off the stage for being a chav, no one would have predicted that only five years later, she would be a millionaire, living a life most people only dream about in California.

Khan has made her money by working as a model and setting up a webcam business that has taken off, and after meeting her boyfriend, John, at the Playboy mansion on Halloween, she has more money than she could dream of spending.

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John is the founder of Spearmint Rhino, and the 58 year old man is one of the richest people in the adult entertainment industry – not that Khan needs his money, with her business turning over £1 million each year and employing over 50 women.

That sounds like a serious case of girl done good to me.


Daily Mail