Girls Answer The Questions All Guys Want To Know About Female Masturbation

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Girls Answer The Questions All Guys Want To Know About Female Masturbation UNILAD fma

Most guys seem to wonder about female masturbation.

How much do girls do it, what do they do it to, when do they do it – you name it, guys have probably pondered the answer.

So Metro went and asked six girls, Beth, 23, Eve, 20, Chloe 18, Lia, 25, Lucie 25, and Lorna, 20, to be frank about masturbation, porn and just about anything else in a Q&A session.

Here are the results.

Girls Answer The Questions All Guys Want To Know About Female Masturbation UNILAD sex37

Eve: I can’t speak on behalf of all women, but I can speak on behalf of all the women that I know, and the answer is yes. We all masturbate!

Chloe: Yes, there is a stigma around women masturbating, but the truth is, girls enjoy pleasuring themselves as much as any guy.

Lia: Yes. And if they don’t they should.

Beth: I’ll wank to a dick pic but that’s last resort.

Lia: Personally no, most girls I’ve spoken to don’t seem to like them either, perhaps some people find them flattering to receive but I think most people find them kind of awkward and unnecessary.

Lucie: No I certainly don’t masturbate to dick pics. I couldn’t really think of much else that would keep me from climaxing. Why on Earth guys think we want to see them is beyond me. They are to go inside and not to be seen… Although we of course can’t help but check out the size, dick pics are a complete turn off.

Lorna: It really depends on who the dick pics are from. I use my boyfriend’s pics for inspiration. Before I was with my boyfriend and people sent them to me, I was more likely to laugh and delete them than masturbate.

Beth: I don’t know if many girls do watch porn, I don’t know many. If they do then perhaps it’s that they are just embarrassed. Personally I think guys love it if you tell them you do. But that’s just because I’m a filthy bitch.

Eve: I think there’s a lot of judgement around female sexuality, especially masturbation. Females are seen as sexual beings as soon as they hit puberty but it’s very unusual for them to embrace it themselves. They will often be criticised for being open about their sexuality and learn not to talk about it, or even to lie about it.

Lucie: I’m very confident and believe in woman having the same social status as men. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality and so have never denied it, or denied watching porn. Most of my friends do too. Some of my mates even send me links to good porn. I’m also more than happy to watch porn with my boyfriends. This isn’t the case for all though. IT’s because we still live in a very sexist world where having a wank is seen as something men do. There’s the notion that all porn is aimed at men and it sets ridiculous standards for women.

The fact that guys make such a big deal about it doesn’t help either. But it’s definitely not because we aren’t doing it because we all are… normally because guys can’t finish the job!

Lorna: I literally have no idea, I’ve always been pretty open about it. It’s not something we even discuss between us girls very often. It’s kind of a private thing.

Girls Answer The Questions All Guys Want To Know About Female Masturbation UNILAD femla12

Beth: I don’t think any girl masturbates when having a poo. It’d be very messy and gross.

Eve: I can’t say I have ever pooped and masturbated at the same time, and I’m not sure if I ever would.

Lia: Not that I know of. I didn’t even know that guys did that.

Lorna: No! My God is this a thing? I just asked my boyfriend and best friend. They have confirmed this is not a thing.

Beth: I definitely think it relieves a sexual build up, especially as I’m single and don’t often get much d***. I try to wait to masturbate as long as possible though because I’d rather have sex.

Eve: I think masturbation can be very stress-relieving. I was once told to always “have some me time” before making any big, important decisions.

Chloe: Absolutely! Work or school stress? Orgasm! Relationship stress? Orgasm! It’s great.

Lucie: Yes. A whole load of stress is relieved – unless you can’t reach orgasm. Then you will become more stressed than when you began. Best hope you have time and battery life for round two!

Lorna: Of course! Orgasms are relaxing, it’s a fact. Plus if you’re masturbating then I’m assuming you’re on your own, not talking to any one and fairly comfy. The whole thing is fairly stress-free, unless it’s a danger wank. That’s quite stressful.

Girls Answer The Questions All Guys Want To Know About Female Masturbation UNILAD sex410

Beth: I watch porn when I masturbate. I love lesbian porn or threesome porn but I’m not gay. It makes me feel dirty and I think it makes me more confident when I’m having sex.

Eve: Anything that turns them on! As much as it is an intimate experience with your own body it doesn’t always require a room full of candles and mood music. Some women watch porn, some just use their imagination.

Chloe: Anything! Or even nothing! Unlike men, we don’t necessarily need porn to stimulate/arouse us, but it does help. Sometimes we just use our imagination.

Lucie: Two words: Porn and Hub. It’s not just for you guys, okay? And I think girls fantasise a lot. But we are more detailed than men – it will be more like a scenario. We don’t open up a porno and start bashing one out over a naked fitty – not even Jamie Dornan. It’s takes a bit more to get us flowing.

Beth: I don’t really think it’s that attractive, a guy wanking over Facebook pictures. A face personally doesn’t arouse me that much.

Chloe: Not really. Sure some girls may find it flattering but generally, we don’t want strangers c**ming over our selfies.

Lia: I can totally see why some people would find that flattering, it’s a compliment to how attractive someone finds you. Not sure I’d admit to someone that I get off to a picture of their face, though.

Lucie: Personally I’d be flattered if someone got off over one of my selfies. Wank away.

Lorna: I can’t say I’m flattered, but I’m not offended either. If you really want to get off to a photo of me drunk and pouting be my guest.

So there you have it.


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