Glamour Model Stabs Boyfriend ‘Several Times’ In The Chest

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Glamour Model Stabs Boyfriend Several Times In The Chest 232

French model Nabilla Benattia reportedly had a fight with her boyfriend Thomas Vergara at their hotel in Paris on Friday morning.

The 22-year-old allegedly stabbed Thomas several times in his chest and although his wounds were classed as very serious, they were described as not life threatening.

The incredibly fit young model, who has posed for Jean-Paul Gaultier, is known for her ‘out there’ red carpet attire. She is now being questioned by police as part of an attempted murder investigation.

Glamour Model Stabs Boyfriend Several Times In The Chest model2

Nabilla, who was once voted the most hated person in France, is trying to claim they were attacked by 3 men as they return home. But police quickly debunked her claims and CCTV shows Mr Vergara arriving home ‘well and healthy’.

She has also claimed she wants to be the ‘next Kim Kardashian’, so yeah, there’s that too. Stay away from this one.

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