Glitter Bomb Website Genius Sells The Site For $85,000

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Glitter Bomb Website Genius Sells The Site For $85,000 155

The genius behind the ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter’ website has sold the startup for $85,000 after it was only up for a few weeks.

Matthew Carpenter, 22, is the Australian lad behind the website that was SWAMPED with orders after going viral pretty much instantly. So much so that he put the website up for sale after not being able to cope with demand.

The website finally sold on online marketplace, Flippa, where bidding quickly shot to $70,000 and froze until the last day, when an extra $15,000 was added on to dead the sale.

Add that amount to an estimated $20,000 in sales when Matthew was attempting to run it, and that’s a tidy $100,000 in just a few weeks. Not bad.

And while he’s now lost the website, I’m sure this savvy lad has something new up his sleeve.

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