Golden ‘Bongs’ Used To Smoke Weed 2400 Years Ago Found By Archaeologists

By : Sam Ridgway |



A group of skilled archaeologists have discovered two golden ‘bongs’ used by tribal chiefs to smoke week roughly 2400 years ago.

The discovery was made in Russia, where holes were being dug up to install power lines. Archaeologists also found seven pounds of gold items during the dig.


It is believed that the bongs were used by Scythian tribes, a warrior race known for controlling large areas of Asia and Europe from 9th century BC to 4th century AD, and the residue discovered is a product of cannabis and opium.

It is believed that back in those days, substances like this would be consumed in order to alter the mindsets of fighters before battles.

They look a LOT better than the plastic contraptions sold in present day!