Google To Blanket New York With Free Wi-Fi, Then Hopefully The World

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google web Google To Blanket New York With Free Wi Fi, Then Hopefully The WorldIndependent

Google are about to kill it, providing this new idea actually works.

Not only are they the answer to every question you might have and put Jeeves to shame on a daily basis, but they have now decided to bring free Wi-Fi to everyone – well, in New York initially at least, and have even set up a specific company, Sidewalk Labs, to make it happen.


wifi gif Google To Blanket New York With Free Wi Fi, Then Hopefully The World

They plan to do this by using old phone booths, with 10,000 throughout the city marked out for conversion, and in true Google style, they don’t plan on stopping there.


The old phone booths, that will be converted into pylons to support the Wi-Fi throughout the city will eventually not only be used for internet access but also for phone charging, free domestic phone calls, and a touchscreen for finding city info and transit directions.


And there are plans to launch in other cities as well, with Bloomberg claiming the pylons are set to be rolled out across New York first.

Hurry up and bring it overseas. Please!