Graduate Who Stood Handing Out CVs Is Now Hiring In The Same Spot

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Graduate Who Stood Handing Out CVs Is Now Hiring In The Same Spot 157

Remember this lad from last year? He went viral after he was pictured handing out his CV to possible employers in Waterloo Station.

Well, he got hired. And now he’s back in the same spot. But this time, HE’S doing the hiring. Brilliant.

Marketing graduate Alfred Ajani, 22, now works for The Asoria Group and is part of the team that are expanding the company.

They are based just yards from the very station that they hired Ajani in, and now he’s back there looking for possible employees to take his company to the next level.

And obviously, he’s gone viral again for his efforts. The lad is a walking marketing miracle. A bright future is definitely imminent.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said:

I didn’t want to be back looking for a job again, or standing in the station for a second time, so I’m really pleased with how it has gone.

The company is expanding and we’re looking to take people on to the desk where I’m working so we are now searching for graduates, people in the same position I was last year. We’ve got around 20 vacancies.

It feels good to be putting something back and I’m hoping to take the brand to universities over the next year.

The latest picture has had a good response and I’ve already been sent some CVs through social media.

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