Graphic Image Of Teen Surfaces After Being Attacked By Catcallers

By : Jamie Roberts |


gJ59pGUIWjessica byrnes.pngJessica Byrnes-Laird

Warning: Contains graphic imagery.

A teenage girl from Louisiana was attacked by a group of men while she waited for her boyfriend, all because she was wearing a bikini.

The pair had spent the day swimming and had stopped at a store on their way home. Jessica Byrnes-Laird was sat in the car in her bikini while her boyfriend went into the store, when a group of men started harassing her.

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Her boyfriend, Jared Pelletier, reportedly fought off the group, but one of them threw a brass pipe through the car window, smashing Jessica in the mouth.

Between 10-12 teeth were knocked out, and part of her lip was ripped off.

Jessica now needs between four and six tooth implants, which come in at about $2000 each. A GoFundME page has also been set up to help her pay for the medical costs.

IoRk3xVUEbikini2n 3 web.jpgJessica Byrnes-Laird
VsXnT0x1Ojess byrnes 2.jpgJessica Byrnes-Laird



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