Guess What – Now You Can Shoot Fireballs From Your Hands

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Have you ever wanted to shoot balls of fire from your hands? Of course you have, and now you can.

This new device called Pyro and made by magician Adam Wilber fits nicely to on your wrist and allows you to unleash hell upon the world.

The device can be picked up for a very modest $174 (£110). At that price who isn’t going to buy one? It comes with four barrels which means you can fire up to four shots before reloading.

Now obviously this thing is totally awesome, but we can see the technology being abused. You may remember the guy who made Iron Man’s wrist rocket launcher who refuses to sell his product out of fear it will go to the wrong hands. With great power comes great responsibility.

Here’s a video of Pyro in action.

If you want to buy Pyro, which you probably do, click here.

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