Gunmen Fired Shots At Lil’ Wayne’s Tour Bus

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1104 Gunmen Fired Shots At Lil Waynes Tour Bus

I’m not a fan of Lil’ Wayne at all, but I wouldn’t go this far.


In the early hours of Sunday morning, Lil’ Wayne was travelling on his tour bus in Atlanta after performing at a gig, when gunmen opened fire at the vehicle.

Weezy was on board with a few of his Young Money label executives, but luckily nobody was hurt.


giphy20 Gunmen Fired Shots At Lil Waynes Tour Bus

Following the incident the bus drove to a hotel and they called the police.


It comes a few weeks after somebody made a hoax call to police that led to SWAT teams turning up at his house under the belief that 4 people had been shot inside.

Nobody has been arrested yet and it’s not known why it happened.


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