Guy Doesn’t Want To Pay For Meal, Sets Pet Rat Loose In Restaurant

By : Rebecca Knight |



Christopher Baker decided to treat himself to a Valentine’s meal for one last month, and sat down in Borneo Bistro to eat a buffet dinner – only to cause quite a commotion for fellow diners and the restaurant themselves.

The guy was eating out on Valentine’s Day – alone – and as if that wasn’t bad enough for him, he then decided that the £7.25 bill for the buffet was too steep… So let let a rat loose to get out of paying the bill.


There was only one issue – said rat was actually pretty well groomed and turned out to be a pet – meaning the cheapskate was busted and ended up spending his V day alone and facing fraud charges, which he later admitted to and finally paid his bill.

Borneo Bistro owner Ken Smith has still not forgiven Christopher, and claimed he ‘deserved the death penalty’. Slight exaggeration there mate…

[via Daily Mail]