Guy Loses £205,000 Bet On The General Election

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Guy Loses £205,000 Bet On The General Election TN130

There seem to be a lot of disappointed people following the results of the 2015 general election, and none more so than the guy that lost this HUGE bet.

A William Hill customer placed a bet of £205,000 on Britain being left with a hung parliament.

The odds were 2/9, as it looked highly likely to be the outcome. But nope, the Conservatives won outright, and the lad was left with empty pockets.

He stood to win £45,000, which is a LOT of money to most of us, but in relation to the £205K that he lost, it seems that he fell victim to a harsh risk:reward ratio.

Guy Loses £205,000 Bet On The General Election 13

A William Hill spokesperson said:

For a long time it looked a very shrewd bet and it’s only overnight that the odds went against him.

He is philosophical about the setback and told me he will be keeping a low profile for the time being.

It is a little like a heavyweight title fight in which we took a first round battering but managed to come back strongly in the second.

It isn’t his first big bet though. The anonymous punter was quids in after he placed £900,000 on the Scottish referendum, and took home the £193,000 on that occasion.

There were a lot of big bets coming in with the election results.

One client from Wiltshire staked £13,500 on an overall majority and collected £80,000, and another, from Devon, bet £85,000 on the Tories to win most seats and received £153,000.

It makes me being annoyed at Everton for ruining my accumulator before it properly got started seem a tad daft.


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