Guy Vows To Ruin Lad’s Crowdfunded Dates With Accordion

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Guy Vows To Ruin Lads Crowdfunded Dates With Accordion 159

Remember Tom Packer, the guy that wanted to crowdfund dates with women because he couldn’t afford it? Well he now has a sworn enemy.

His name is Phil Stewart, and he also has a Indiegogo campaign running. His aim? Ruin Tom’s dates with an accordion.

Hi I’m Phil. And there is a guy called Tom who is raising £1,300 for 13 dates. I want to ruin them.

So basically, Phil wants £1300 to follow Tom around on his dates playing an accordion that he can’t actually play. This doesn’t even make me mad.

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Although it IS a prime example of how crowdfunding is getting ridiculous, if people want to give their money for outrageous causes like this, then that’s up to them. Money is being spent in worse ways all over the world.

Phil signs off on his campaign by saying he’ll arrange a piss up for all donators, if his target isn’t met.

If I do not manage to complete the task I will dutifully organise a piss up in London for all donators. I hope that we can get together to say goodbye to what’s left of society and meet some nice people along the way.

Yeah you better had mate. I might even start my own crowdfund in order to follow Phil around with bagpipes in an attempt to ruin his accordion playing while he’s trying to ruin Tom’s dates.

That will be a sight.