Guys Sell Place On Stag Do To A Random Woman On eBay They’ve Never Met

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When a group of guys realised that one of their friends had dropped out of a stag do, they were left in a bit of a sticky spot, not quite knowing what to do or how to fill the spot.

Now while most people would either ask around their friends, try and get a refund or just leave the spot empty, these guys decided to come up with a much better – if a little risky – solution.

panicgroomPanic Groom

They came up with the brainwave of putting an add on eBay, which read:

We had some one drop out at the last minute. Everyone is really friendly, I promise. No one seems too weird!!!

The first event is outdoors south of Bristol and paid for, all you need to do is dress with trainers and socks. We also have accommodation for you if the groom to be approves of you.

You will need to buy your own food and drink. I will be awesome fun to meet you. Bidding starts at 1p. Miss it and miss out on the best stag ever!!! Women are also welcome to apply we are not sexist.

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It was sold, to a woman who has only been identified as Josie, who the guys didn’t know at all before the auction, and only met when they played miniature golf. Oh, and Josie only paid £1.21 for the spot. Bargain.

Alex, the best man and brother of the groom, Ben, spoke to Bristol Post and said:

We had so many people looking at the listing and lots of people contacted me – many people thought it was not real.

I think Josie, like us just sort of did it for a laugh. She didn’t come along to the whole thing, as we put the listing up a bit late really and we didn’t exactly get the money back, but we all had fun and it paid for half a pint.

Really, the only response here is #Lad.