Guys With Dad Bods Have The Most Sex, Apparently

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Reports suggest that the ‘Dad Bod’ is on the rise and a new study has backed up the thinking that modern women find a bit of paunch around the middle more attractive on a man than shredded abs.

The new research suggests that blokes with a beer belly are having the most sex.


The study done by Chapman University looked into how a man’s height and weight affected their number of sexual partners. 6,000 guys and gals, with an average age of 37, took the online survey.


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The results discovered that men who are obese according to their Body Mass Index (BMI) had the highest number of sexual partners with eight, followed by men with an average weight with six partners.


Speaking to Yahoo! Health, Dr. David Frederick said:

Overweight and normal men fit the conventional ideals for men. Men are expected to appear tough or athletic. Very slender men can face stigma for not appearing powerful.

So although it’s good news for chubbier guys, it’s a less positive outcome for skinny dudes, who may have to hit the gym (or the pub) ASAP if they want women falling at their feet!