Half Dressed Blonde Girls Walking Around? Ticket To London Please

By : Rebecca Knight |



When asking herself the best way to promote her new underwear range, the idea of parading half naked models up and down the streets of London must have been top of the bill for Heidi Klum – and we are thanking God for it.

The supermodel can not only boast a pretty good catwalk career to her name, she is also involved in an underwear range and saw her girls walking up and down London to show the new designs off.

underwear 3richard young

Klum decided to have her girls pose outside of Buckingham Palace of all places and while the monarchy have become far more likeable and modern with Wills and Kate capturing the public heart’s, we do not think one will appreciate this!

For the rest of us mere mortals however, after having a look at these stunning shots, it is pretty safe to say that not only will a fair few people have been taking a good long look at the trio of beauties but it’s safe to say Heidi Klum will see her sales skyrocket!

underwearRichard Young