Has Dan Bilzerian Lost His Title As The King Of Instagram?

By : Alex Bentley |



Dan Bilzerian has been the king of Instagram for a long time, but has he now lost his crown to social media tycoon, Tony Toutouni?

The 42 year old American billionaire boasts that he is ‘living the life every man wants’ – money, cars, planes and women. Lots and lots of women.

Using the name @lunatic_living, Tony posts lots of pictures of him and his adventures. Which usually include private jets and/or scantily clad women. Not your mates cat or your rubbish tea.

Did I mention the women?

You can even make the ugly ones useful if you're creative enough #feminist #lamp

A photo posted by Tony Toutouni (@lunatic_living) on

Seems like the weather is getting better in LA #360tire #Dbreast

A photo posted by Tony Toutouni (@lunatic_living) on

Tony and Dan are obviously not competing or bitter towards each other. And in case you doubted that, here they are together… On a private jet.

Going to vegas to see Floyed Mayweather train for a few hours

A photo posted by Tony Toutouni (@lunatic_living) on

His Instagram account is certainly a lot more interesting than mine.


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