Here’s What Cigarettes In Britain May Soon Look Like

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If the government’s standardised packaging law passes before the next general election, this is what cigarettes will look like.

The Department of Health released the picture yesterday of what ‘plain packaged’ cigs will look like, and if I’m totally honest, I don’t really see much difference.

The packets will be olive-green and will feature new images of smoking related diseases. Just like they have been doing for the past few years. And the aim is to put the younger generation off them because of their dull branding.

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While the aim of the plain packaging is a good one, and another step forward, I personally don’t think it will make any sort of difference. People aren’t buying cigarettes because the boxes are shiny. They’re buying them for the cigarettes inside that have always looked the same.

Want to put people off smoking? Make the actual cigarettes look used and dirty. Or something like that. Because I can’t see this deterring people whatsoever.

However if stats prove me wrong, I will literally print off this article and eat my words.

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