High School Football Players Fulfil Teammate’s Dying Wish

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malik High School Football Players Fulfil Teammates Dying Wish

When Malik Sparkman passed away from cancer, there was only one thing that he wanted to happen.


The student wanted his teammates from Coffee High School in Georgia to carry his coffin across the football field as part of his send-off, and last week, they did just that. The lads carried his coffin across the Jardine Stadium in Douglas, Georgia.

malik 3 High School Football Players Fulfil Teammates Dying Wish


Sparkman was forced to stop playing football last year after being diagnosed with terminal renal medullary carcimona, and his former coach claimed:

Every time I called him and check on him, he always say “I am great coach”, never one time did he complain about hurting or being in pain.

After passing away on May 17th, more than 500 friends and family attended his funeral to celebrate his life and lament the tragic loss.


RIP Malik!


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