High School Teacher Accused Of Bedding Pupil Who ‘Suddenly Gained Top Grades’

By : Jamie Roberts |


UNILAD Kalyn Thompson clear creek county sherrifs office7Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office

A high school teacher in America has been accused of having sex with a student, who mysteriously started getting top grades.

The police said he was ‘flunking English last semester but currently has a 98 per cent grade point average’. Spooky.

Kalyn Thompson has been charged with second-degree rape after the alleged relationship was exposed – even though the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16 and the pupil was 17 – as she was an authority figure.


The pair started texting each other not long after Thompson started working at the school, and their relationship soon turned sexual. The victim told police the pair had sex twice, at a motel and at a lake.

She has now resigned from the school.

While I think she should definitely lose her job for breaching teacher-pupil trust, charging her with rape when it was consensual and the boy was over the age of consent seems a little bit harsh.


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