Homeless Man Steals Ambulance Because ‘He Wanted To See Some Pole Dancing’

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If you think this homeless guy from Detroit plays by the rules, then you are sadly mistaken.

Because in order to go to a strip club to – and I quote – “see some pole dancing”, he decided that stealing an ambulance to get there was a good, solid idea.

He was quickly apprehended by police, only to be told the strip club he’d stolen a government vehicle in order to get to had actually went out of business many years ago.

This is how the Oakland Press reported it:

Frustrated with a lack of public transportation and in desperate need to reach a certain destination, a homeless man stole an ambulance from a hospital in Pontiac on Sunday.

“He told the deputy he was hoping to go to the Booby Trap to see some pole dancing,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

The suspect has mental health issues, according to the sheriff’s office. but we could have told you that.