HONY Raises Over $1 Million For Underfunded New York School

By : Sam Ridgway |



You’re probably already aware of Humans of New York (HONY), but you may not be aware of the following story.

Basically, HONY is run by a New York photographer called Brandon. He goes around the Big Apple every day, snapping photos of people he passes and extracts thought provoking stories from them. His Facebook page currently sits on 11 million likes and he’s even been sent around the world by the UN to snap people in other countries.

Well, a few days ago he stumbled across a kid named Vidal who is a student at an underfunded Brooklyn middle school.


After speaking to Vidal, Brandon decided to contact the principle of the school who the young lad spoke very highly of. And when he visited the school, he realised this was a bit of a trend.


After speaking with Ms. Lopez and the school board, he decided to ask the followers of HONY if they would donate money so that the 6th graders could go on an annual trip to Harvard. The fundraiser began on January 22nd and had a goal of $100,000.

And within ONE HOUR it was fully funded.


However this hasn’t stopped people from donating, and in one week people have given over $1 million to the cause. Incredible.

This means that the school can now fund an annual trip to Harvard for the foreseeable future, introduce a scholarship and start a summer program for its students.

They named the scholarship The Vidal Scholarship, and made the inspirational lad the first recipient of it. Here’s his update.


H/T imthefridgeguardian on Imgur