Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney To Long-Time Customer

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A Hooters waitress has donated a kidney to a regular customer at the restaurant in a life changing operation.

Mariana Villarreal, who works at a Hooters in Roswell, Georgia, shared in a post on social media that the kidney was a perfect match and doctors say the surgery on Friday was a complete success.


Mariana donated the kidney to Don Thomas, who lost both of his after a battle with cancer. She says he has been a regular customer at the restaurant for more than 10 years.

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In a post on Instagram, Villarreal said:


Thank you all so much for the kind words! It means a lot to me that everyone has taken a second to comment and wish me well! The kidney is a PERFECT match and is working amazingly! As for me my kidney is working like there’s still 2 in there. I know God will watch over us for the rest of our lives and may the glory always be for the lord of lords! Once again thank you all!

Thomas is a frequent patron of the Hooters and, although Villarreal and Thomas barely know each other, the waitress felt inspired to help the loyal customer after she lost her own grandmother to kidney failure.


Following the surgery, Villarreal started a GoFundMe page to help Thomas and herself while they recover. You can donate here.


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