Horrendously Burnt Man Told To Walk To Hospital By People Watching After Robbing Copper Wires

By : Rebecca Knight |


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The world has been stunned by a set of photos coming out of South Africa, showing a young boy from Witbank in north-western Mpumalanga Province, horrifically burnt – and begging passers by to call him an ambulance – only to be turned away by every single person.

The young lad had reportedly attempted to rob copper wires from a substation and despite crying out for passers by to help him, was told he had brought the injuries on himself.

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Despite begging for help, video footage showed them shout:

What were you doing? You brought this on yourself, what were you doing in the substation?

The young boy reportedly died later after making his way to a near by health clinic on foot – and we have to say, no matter what he did or didn’t try and do, to basically send him to his death like that is unforgivable.

[via Daily Mail]