How To Turn Your Monday Into A Saturday

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How To Turn Your Monday Into A Saturday minifistpump mondays

Mondays suck. They really do. They’re the point at which next weekend is the furthest away, which means there’s a whole tonne of mundane mid-week tasks to trudge through. The boring stuff that we all do – every single Monday – without fail.

Maybe we’re doing Mondays wrong. Clever clogs scientists have found that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are also hated (every day apart from the weekend, then). However, there’s not nearly as much fuss over Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Luckily, JUST EAT have got your back and are rolling out #minifistpump Mondays. Order takeaway through them on this usually dreaded day and you’re in with a chance of winning your order for free.

Whilst you’re pigging out, you’ll need to whack something killer on the tele, too. It’s time for a mini TV marathon. Bust out the Netflix. Throw on whatever series has been eating up all of your time. Breaking Bad? House of Cards? Orange is the New Black? Daredevil? Who cares! It’ll all blend into one indistinguishable narrative anyway.

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Before you know it, you and the sofa will have merged into one. How long have you been sat on its cushiony goodness for? No one knows. You’ve been in a trance of boxset binging, pizza shovelling and beer guzzling.

That’s a proper rest. Kicking back and doing nothing. The entertainment is taken care of. The food is taken care of. You don’t have to do anything but round up your mates and sit.

Compared to the normal Monday routine, that sounds pretty perfect.

Make the most of #minifistpump Mondays

There are 5 Mondays in June. This means that you have 5 chances to win your JUST EAT order for free. You have no excuse to not be making Mondays awesome.

Spread the word!

Mondays are the new Saturday. Thanks to JUST EAT they’re no longer boring. They no longer make us gloomy. They’re the perfect time to recharge our batteries – a convenient stopgap between the weekend and the midweek.

Mondays should be about rewarding yourself. You made it through the weekend in one piece, and you’ve conquered the monotony of returning to the daily grind.

With that in mind, celebrations should be in order. Head off to the local for some light (or heavy) refreshments. Most things can be improved with a bit of booze. Even Mondays.

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Once you’ve suitably hydrated yourself, you’ll no doubt work up an appetite – the type of hunger that beans on toast or pasta and bog standard jar of sauce won’t satisfy.

You’re in takeaway territory now. You need kebabs, pizzas and burgers to quell your insatiable appetite.

Now all we need to do is think of a plan for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This article was written in collaboration with JUST EAT.