Huge Albino Snake Found By Teen At Her Home In Manchester

By : Sam Ridgway |


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It’s not often a snake can be randomly found in a British home, so when this teenager walked into her bathroom to find a HUGE one on her radiator, you can imagine her fright.

Hannah Brierley from Rochdale in Manchester thought her mother was playing a prank on her when she discovered the six-foot-long northern albino pine snake chilling in her bathroom.

However, when the snake moved its head, the 16-year-old called for her mother who quickly attempted to get through to the RSPCA.

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Unfortunately, Karen couldn’t get through to them, but in a twist of fate detective Craig Wallace offered his services after hearing the call from his police station control room.

Det Con Wallace, who has experience with snake handling, was quickly on the scene and scooped the albino menace into a pillowcase before taking it back to the station.

It was then transferred to the RSPCA where it could be cared for while searching for a possible owner.

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