Hulk Hogan Is Training Riff Raff To Be A Pro Wrestler

By : Alex Bentley |


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Anybody who knows about Riff Raff will know he isn’t the most conventional of characters. Which is why this could be brilliant.

Hulk Hogan has announced that in 2015 he will be training Riff Raff up and taking him under his wing. This could be amazing, because it will be funny for anybody who likes the rapper, and anybody who doesn’t will get to see him thrown around and beaten up a bit. Win-win.

Anybody that isn’t familiar with Riff Raff, he is very much a Marmite rapper. Which will lend in to a wrestling persona perfectly. If you aren’t familiar with him, this should give you an idea:

To be fair, if you were going to be taught wrestling by anyone, you would HAVE to pick Hulk Hogan!

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What you gonna do when Neonmania destroys you, brother?!