Hulk Hogan Retweets Picture Of Josef Fritzl, Thinks It’s Someone’s Grandad

By : Sam Ridgway |


hulk hogan wwe

Hulk Hogan has once again fallen for a pretty strong Twitter prank after being duped into retweeting a photo of Josef Fritzl.

After proving he’s pretty trigger happy with the retweet button earlier in the year – by retweeting a photo of Madeleine McCann – a fan managed to trick him into believing Josef Fritzl was just somebody’s wrestling fan grandad. Ouch.

We’re assuming the WWE t-shirt Fritzl is sporting in the Tweet is photoshopped. Well, we hope so, anyway.


Here’s the earlier occasion…

hulk hogan2

I think Hogan needs a few lessons in PR. Or not. It is mildly entertaining, to say the least.