Human Barbie Hits Back At Haters With This Defiant Message

By : Rebecca Knight |



Valeria Luykyanova, or as you might know her, Human Barbie, has been hitting the headlines pretty regularly of late after not only being the victim of a terrible attack outside of her home in the Ukraine, but also admitting to using Photoshop in her images back on May 15th, and now she is back better than ever.

The massive plastic surgery fan has come out in the face of the abuse, both physical and verbal, and does not seem to by shying away from the limelight.


After being criticised over her use of Photoshop, Valeria hit back and claimed:

There may have been some negative comments. I did not see them. Beautiful people are often envied. That’s why negativity does not surprise me. Instead, it touches me.

The fact that people didn’t clock on to the fact that she’s been retouching her images is beyond me, and as for giving her abuse, seriously guys, get a life.