Amnesty International Lay Out Hundreds Of Bodybags In Brighton Beach

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Two hundred black bodybags have been lined up across Brighton beach as part of an organised protest by Amnesty International against Britain’s ‘shameful’ response to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

Supporters of Amnesty International zipped themselves into some of the bodybags to raise awareness for their #Dontletthemdrown campaign. The powerful demonstration was carried out to increase the pressure on European leaders to take action and curb the rising number of migrants killed each year trying to reach Europe in search of a better life.

Amnesty UK director, Kate Allen, said:

Until now, the British Government’s response has been shameful but finally foreign ministers seem to be waking up to the need to act.

More than 800 people drowned last week after a boat packed with migrants capsized in an attempt to reach Europe – the latest prediction from experts is that 30,000 migrants, including 2,500 children could die attempting to cross the sea this year unless the issue is tackled.

David Cameron is set to break off from the General Election campaign tomorrow to attend an emergency summit in Brussels to discuss a plan. Amnesty are pleading with David Cameron and his fellow EU heads of state to make human lives a priority by increasing search and rescue operation in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas through a united effort.