Idris Elba Breaks 88-Year-Old Land Speed Record, Confirms He Is Coolest Actor Alive

By : Alex Watt |


Idris Elba 02 640x426 Idris Elba Breaks 88 Year Old Land Speed Record, Confirms He Is Coolest Actor AliveBentley

Idris Elba officially became the fastest man in Hollywood by breaking a British land speed record on May 7.

The English actor teamed up with Bentley to break the record known as the ‘Flying Mile’.

The previous record of 174.8 mph was set by Sir Malcolm Campbell in a Napier-Campbell Blue Bird in 1927, but Elba smashed that with a top speed of 180.361 mph in a Bentley Continental GT Speed.

The actor completed the record breaking drive on a beach in South Wales while he was filming a documentary series called ‘Idris Elba: No Limits’, which will air on the Discovery Channel later this year.

Seriously, just give this man the James Bond gig already.