Ikea Introduce Wireless Phone Charging Furniture

By : Charlie MartinTwitterLogo


Ikea Introduce Wireless Phone Charging Furniture Ikea1 640x400

No longer will it be f*cking annoying running round the house trying to find your charger, as Ikea have announced a range of household furniture fitted with wireless charging.

Lamps, bedside tables and coffee tables installed with charging pads are the initial products of the Home Smart Range. They’ll be pretty simple to use, you just have to place your smart phone on the charging pad on top of the furniture.

The chargers are supported by QI which assisted Samsung in creating the S6. Unlucky for iPhone and Samsung users with incompatible handsets, you’ll have to pay extra for a charging cover.

It’s a good idea, but it’s not going to stop your phone from dying on a night out, I’d rather jeans with wireless charging pockets.

[via BBC]