Internet Sensation ‘Grumpy Cat’ Has Made Its Owner Over £60 Million

By : Sam Ridgway |



You may think Grumpy Cat is ‘just another internet meme’, but what you probably don’t know is that she’s actually an absolute money making MACHINE.

Because in the last two years, the world’s most famous cat has raked in over £64 million for its owner. Here’s some perspective… That’s more money earned in the past two years than Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The megarich cat, real name ‘Tardar Source’, suffers from an animal version of dwarfism and has an underbite that makes her look grumpy 24/7.

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But it’s that grumpy look that has made her a huge success. And at the end of 2014 she’s already racked up a Christmas film, a book and for some weird reason she even has her own coffee named Grumpuccino.

Ms Bundesen, her owner, said:

“People take one look at her and fall in love, even if they actually think she’s pug ugly.”

Bundesen quit her job as a waitress when Grumpy Cat’s popularity started to rise, and now manages her pet’s career full-time, with the help of Ben Lashes, a dedicated internet ‘cat agent’.

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Yeah, really. The internet is weird.