Introducing The Selfie Swing For The Perfect Selfie

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If you’re obsessed with taking selfies but hate having to carry around a selfie stick, this new gadget could be for you!

ASUS is introducing the new ‘selfie swing’, an optional phone attachment which doubles as a stand and arm extender, allowing you to take that elusive perfect selfie.


The new gadget was launched as a prototype at the Computex trade show in Taiwan as part of the ZenFone Selfie phone presentation, and people seem pretty excited about it.

selfie stand 1 Introducing The Selfie Swing For The Perfect SelfieASUS

The only issue is, it’s not entirely clear how this thing works. We’re guessing the idea is to open up the stand and hold it while taking a selfie, giving you an extra inch or two between the phone and your face.


Or you can stand the phone nearby and set a time, allowing all your selfie loving mates to get in the picture too.


Game changer.

Still, at least it’s not as cumbersome or irritating as the selfie stick, and if it means eliminating those from our lives then we’re all for this new piece of kit, quite frankly.