ISIS Behead Libyan Solider In Front Of Kids Claiming It’s ‘Educational’

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ISIS Behead Libyan Solider In Front Of Kids Claiming Its Educational libyan webSky 105

After images of ISIS carrying out a beheading on a Libyan soldier hit the internet, the world has reacted with further shock as the reason behind the beheading was made clear by supporters of the terrorist group.

ISIS claimed that the murder needed to take place – in the presence of kids – because that would prove ‘educational’ for them.

This is not the first time a video or image of an ISIS execution has hit the media. The group are infamous for posting videos of their deplorable actions on various streams, and executing Jordanian, Japanese, American, British, French, and Egyptian hostages in the most brutal of manners.

The beheading is thought to have taken place in Derna, an ISIS stronghold, and the images clearly show kids crowding around the body to look at the orange-jumpsuit clad soldier who has been beheaded. The images are as shocking as they are heart-breaking, with the kids growing up in a world where this type of behaviour isn’t uncommon and with ISIS aiming to indoctrinate them before they even reach their teens, you have to wonder what chance they have.

This is of course the aim of the Islamic radicals, who want to desensitise the young children to the point where they not only consider executions as normal, but also actively take part in them, creating a jihadi network that will last generations into the future.

ISIS Behead Libyan Solider In Front Of Kids Claiming Its Educational pllSky 105

A Libyan cartoonist even took to Twitter to upload a cartoon skit of the incident, with the caption ‘Derna and the future of its children’. This depiction is horrifyingly accurate with the way the radical movement is currently going, with ISIS thought to be recruiting children from all over the world, not just areas in which they have a stronghold. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have claimed that 400 children from Syria have been taken between December 2014 and March 2015, with the children receiving intense political and military training.


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