ISIS Officially Declares War On Nike

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A few weeks ago the Daily Mail reported that ISIS have banned skinny jeans. Well now Nike have become their latest target in the fashion realm.

The radical organization believe the word ‘Nike’ sounds too similar to the Arabic slang for sexual acts. Furthermore they are unhappy at the inspiration behind the leading sport brands’ name – the Greek Goddess of victory. As a result, members have officially been forbidden from wearing any Nike products, with punishments ranging from a fine to imprisonment.

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Several ISIS members attempted to halt the ban, which led to a lengthy debate amongst the group. Many ISIS members have been regularly known to wear Nike amongst other sportswear brands, but it looks like ISIS members will no longer be donning the swoosh.

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I’m sure Nike’s PR team couldn’t be any happier with the decision, as they will not want their brand associated with extremism. The incident would be laughable, if it wasn’t for the very real threat ISIS pose.

It seems like these guys are at war with everyone and everything.