ISIS Threaten To Imprison Men Caught Wearing Skinny Jeans

By : Rebecca Knight |



Anti-ISIS campaign group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, (RBSS) have leaked yet more disturbing news from inside the ISIS strong hold of Raqqa, claiming that the group have now outlawed men wearing skinny jeans.

According to reports, if found wearing skinny jeans, the men will be forced to spend ten days in jail – while undergoing a course in Islam – and if they fail to pass the test upon the tenth day, they will be kept imprisoned until they do.

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One resident, identified only as Jassem, claimed:

ISIS tightens penalties and uses the principle of intimidation in dealing with public, which led to the migration and escape of many people.

Freedom of expression has become a crime, so you can not oppose a decision issued by the group.

Otherwise you will be arrested on charges of violation of God’s law as its fighters claim, but they are far from this law.

There is no difference between ISIS and Assad’s regime: bribery and favoritism are widespread within the group and play a major role, especially among the local members of the group.


This isn’t the first time ISIS have clamped down on something we could consider to be a basic human right or choice – the second mass cigarette burning took place earlier this month as the terror group looked to outlaw smoking.

One resident of Raqqa claimed that ‘freedom of expression has become a crime under ISIS’ and it is hard to disagree.

[via Daily Mail]