‘It’s Harder To Get Into Most Nightclubs’ – Declares Trident Whistle-blower

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Its Harder To Get Into Most Nightclubs   Declares Trident Whistle blower Trident Nuclear Submarine HMS Victorious

William McNeilly the whistle-blower who declared Trident was a disaster waiting to happen, has promised to hand himself into the authorities within hours. Mc Nielly believes the trident program is a “disaster waiting to happen” and stated security is so lax, you would find it more difficult to sneak into a night club.

William McNeilly, 24, an Able Seaman from Belfast posted the 18-page report on the internet titled “The Secret Nuclear Threat”, and subtitled: “Do you have any idea how close we are to a nuclear disaster every single minute?”

Its Harder To Get Into Most Nightclubs   Declares Trident Whistle blower 731Photograph: William McNeilly/Scribd.com

In his report, he raises issues regarding food hygiene to allegations that a submarine had been on patrol with a hydraulics fault that prevented it from carrying out a test to see whether it was possible to launch its missile. He explained that while he was on patrol in HMS Victorious this year, alarms on the Trident nuclear submarine’s missile control and monitoring station had been muted so crew members didn’t have to listen to them.

On alarms being muted:

I could sometimes hear alarms on the missiles control and monitoring position while lying in bed. I later found out that I would’ve been hearing them more frequently if they hadn’t muted the console just to avoid listening to the alarms

On getting into the ‘Green Area’ at Faslane:

I’ve gotten through a few times by just showing my pale white room key; looks nothing like a Green Area Pass. It’s harder to get into most nightclubs than it is to get into the Green Area.

Some Facts About Trident

– Trident is Britain’s fleet of nuclear submarines. There are four submarines (called Vanguard-class submarines), each – with the capability of carrying 16 nuclear missiles.

– It’s the missiles themselves that are actually called Trident (Trident II D-5 ballistic nuclear missiles).

– Each missile has the ability to deliver eight warheads and are capable of reaching targets 7,500 miles away.(To put that into context London to Moscow is roughly 1,800 miles)

– At any given time there is a submarine patrolling the seas, another undergoing maintenance and the other two are used for training.

– Length: 44ft (13m) Weight: 130,000lb (58,500kg) Diameter: 83 inches (2.1m) Cost: £16.8m per missile

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