Jaguar Testing Innovative New Car That Reads Your Mind

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Jaguar is creating a car than can read the drivers mind. Yep, the future is here, kind of.

Hi-tech systems in the new vehicle will read brainwaves and monitor a driver’s stress, fatigue and concentration levels – and basically work out if you’re daydreaming and/or feeling sleepy.

The Jaguar Land Rover ‘Sixth Sense’ research project is currently investigating a method already being used by NASA.

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Their ‘wellness seat’ will analyse the driver’s heartrate and breathing in order to monitor the driver’s overall health and stress, while the touchscreen will be able to predict which button they want to press while their finger is in mid-air.

They are hoping a technology known as ‘haptic feedback’ will be at the core of all of this, which is basically a sensation that the driver will feel when their hand communicates with the touch screen in mid-air – meaning that less time can be spent glancing at the screen for visual confirmation.

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They also hope to use haptics via the accelerator pedal so that the driver can easily increase the speed of their response to hazards and ensure the correct action is taken.

Basically, if successful, the future of driving could be a WHOLE lot safer. And Jaguar are right at the forefront of it.