Jamelia Sparks Outrage On Twitter With Offensive ‘Fat Shaming’ Comments

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If you’re almost 30 and were into terrible music in your teens you may have heard of Jamelia. Well, yesterday the former pop star made some outrageous statements regarding ‘plus sized’ people. 

Jamelia speaking as a panellist on the Loose Women TV show said:

I do not think it’s right to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle. In the same way [that] I don’t believe that a size zero should be available, it’s not a healthy size for an average woman to be. 

I don’t believe they [high street stores] should be providing clothes for below that range or above that range. Yes, have specialist shops but you should feel uncomfortable if you are unhealthy … to be available in every high street store, I don’t think that’s right.

Quite naturally there was a backlash on twitter to the Katie Hopkins-esque comments – which many believed to be Fat Shaming:

Understandably, most people hadn’t heard of Jamelia and got her confused with Jameela Jamil (the TV presenter and radio host), was inundated with comments online from people outraged by ‘her’ remarks – not realising that she didn’t actually make them.

Jamelia Sparks Outrage On Twitter With Offensive Fat Shaming Comments dfs

Jamelia has ultimately stood by her comments stating:

Watching it back I can see how number one people are able to regurgitate the story in a way that makes it much more sensational. I didn’t make it clear on the show that I was talking about extremes.

I was talking about above a size 20, below a size 6. I’m a real woman with real opinions and I’m not here to play some villain or anything like that. It’s not that. I get paid to voice my opinion. Occasionally you’ll offend people.