James Corden Debuts On US ‘The Late Late Show’

By : Charlie MartinTwitterLogo


James Corden Debuts On US The Late Late Show giphy10

Everyone may know who James Corden is in Britain but in the US he is completely unknown. ‘The Late Late Show’ took a gamble and hired Corden to takeover David Letterman as the host and last night he made his debut.

After barely any promotion it was a surprise to find out that the US public warmed to James, although the long list of celebrities appearing on the show may have helped. Tom Hanks, Mila Kunis, Simon Cowell, Eddie Redmayne and Meryl Streep all made appearances. That’s quite a lineup.

He opened the show by explaining his British roots and his shock at getting the job.

Lucky Corden got to interview Mila Kunis on his debut, being the first person to make her reveal that she’s now married to Ashton Kutcher. He also did an 8 minute stint with Tom Hanks of all his films – which was pretty funny.