James Corden Eats Fried Tarantula And Cockroaches

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James Corden Eats Fried Tarantula And Cockroaches james corden1

James Corden proved his mettle on ‘The Late, Late Show’ when he chowed down on fried tarantula and grasshopper kebabs.

The presenter was joined by actors Anna Faris and Titus Burgess on the US talk show to try out the unique delicacies prepared by chef David George Gordon.

The Brit sampled grasshopper kebabs, actual ants on a log (“increases sexual vigour”), cockroach and, finally, fried tarantula.

Although the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ star said the grasshopper was “alright”, he was less impressed by the cockroach.

Surprisingly, the tarantula legs (“the best part” apparently) proved quite popular with the presenter and his guests.

Although the snacks look tastier than the stuff they’re forced to eat on ‘I’m a Celebrity’, we’ll probably stick to Nandos, thanks.


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