James Franco Worked For McDonalds Before He Was Famous And Loved It

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James Franco Worked For McDonalds Before He Was Famous And Loved It Franco McD WEBGoogle

Before he became a Hollywood star James Franco was a fast food employee at McDonalds and said the company was there for him when nobody else was.

Franco dropped out of college in 1996 and began working at the fast food outlet in Los Angeles while he chased his acting dream.

Now, the 37-year-old has written a piece for the Washington Post about his experiences working at Maccie D’s and, on the whole, it seems like he had a great time.

Franco wrote:

All I know is that when I needed McDonald’s, McDonald’s was there for me. When no one else was.

Someone asked me if I was too good to work at McDonald’s. Because I was following my acting dream despite all the pressure not to, I was definitely not too good to work at McDonald’s. I went to the nearest Mickey D’s and was hired the same day.

I was given the late shift drive-thru position. I wore a purple visor and purple polo shirt and took orders over a headset. I refrained from reading on the job, but soon started putting on fake accents with the customers to practice for my scenes in acting class.

When Franco started the position, he was a vegetarian but says he soon started eating meat and enjoying some free food.

He added:

(As) soon as I got to McDonald’s and was paying my own way, I started eating the cheeseburgers that were headed for the trash after being under the warming lamps (for) more than seven minutes. I would also sneak frozen apple bars and eat them in the freezer, still frozen — great with coffee.

I hate to whistleblow, but everyone ate straight from the fry hopper. You’d walk by and snag a fry and pop it in your mouth. So easy. I also put tons of salt on the fries because that’s how I like them. I don’t know if the customers ever complained.

After three months on the job, Franco was cast in a Super Bowl commercial and never looked back.

This all kind of sounds like a good plot for Franco’s next comedy project with Seth Rogan. Just a thought…


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