James May Has Officially Quit Top Gear

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While there has been plenty of suspicion, James May has now confirmed that he has officially quit Top Gear.

The decision by the ex-host now rules out any possibility of him returning to the show when the BBC decide to revive it – if that ever happens.

And we wouldn’t be surprised if Richard Hammond now does the same.

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May said that the idea of returning to the show alongside Richard Hammond but with a new presenter in place of Jeremy Clarkson was a “non-starter”.

However, he has not ruled out returning to the show in the future with both Hammond and Clarkson, and has said he will continue to work with the BBC if they want him.

Speaking to the Guardian, James said:

Me and Hammond with a surrogate Jeremy is a non-starter, it just wouldn’t work. That would be lame, or ‘awks’ as young people say.

It has to be the three of us. You can’t just put a surrogate Jeremy in and expect it to carry on. It would be forced. I don’t believe they would be stupid enough to try that.

It doesn’t mean I won’t go back, we may all go back in the future. It might just be we have a break from it. I don’t know.

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The future of the show is still in disarray, and rumours of the famous threesome starting their own car programme elsewhere still continue to circulate.

But one thing is for sure. May, Hammond and Clarkson stay the best of friends…


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