Japan Has Lifted The Country’s 67 Year Old Ban On Dancing

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Japan Has Lifted The Countrys 67 Year Old Ban On Dancing japan dance WEBAFP/Getty

Japan has finally lifted the nation’s ban on dancing which has been in place for 67 years.

Before, dancing publicly was actually against the law unless the venue had a licence, and even then dancing had to end before midnight.


The ban was put in place after the Second World War in an effort to crack down on dancehalls that were often a hotbed for prostitution.


Despite the law, police would often turn a blind eye to citizens dancing after 12am, although in recent years they had begun to crack down again due to a string of celebrity drug scandals and nightclub brawls.

Japan Has Lifted The Countrys 67 Year Old Ban On Dancing japan dance 2CNN

Fortunately, the law is set to be repealed after a campaign led by world-famous Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, calling for the abolition of the ban, gained 150,000 signatures.

The lifting of the ban was also partly due to the upcoming 2020 Olympics, with the government taking steps to make sure visitors have as much fun (and spend as much money) as they can during their stay in Japan.

Unfortunately, the new law won’t come into effect until next year so take it easy for now if you’re planning to go clubbing in Tokyo!