The Japanese ‘Black Burger’ Looks Even Worse In Real Life

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The Japanese Black Burger Looks Even Worse In Real Life burger2

Remember the article we wrote not long back, about the ‘black burger’ that Burger King in Japan have created?

Well, it’s finally been released, and it looks even more vile and disgusting in real life.

The Kuro Burger is a burger with a black bun and black cheese. Only the meat itself is a normal colour but that doesn’t help whatsoever.

The burger is covered with charcoal to create the black effect, so there’s no poisonous colouring going into this, but still, it’s a Burger King burger and it’s unhealthy as sh*t.

And although it looks absolutely vile and is only available in Japan – I really, really want one.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know right away if it ever comes to the UK. (We check daily).